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About our place in May: Jungledream Basecamp

for the courses
Yoga and Thaimassage and Reiki I and II



In Simulap, 2 hours away from tourism and from Bukit Lawang, at the border of “Gunung Leuser Nationalpark” you find this small guesthouse owned by Bob from Indonesia and Sheena from Germany. It is the only house in this area, situated at a small river.

Bobby, Sheena and Bob are a wonderful, heartily and welcoming team, and great cooks. We will eat all together.

Juni2012BukitLawang432About the program:


  • Right on arrival you can release all stress of traveling relaxing in a beautiful hot spring, situated at the end of the road. After this, there is only a 20 minute walk to the “Jungledream Basecamp”.
    During the first day – a relaxation day – we will go to a waterfall, connect us with nature and have a small part of the teaching there.
  • At the beginning of the course each of you gets a free Thaimassage, Shiatsu- or Reikisession.
  • After some days of teaching in the “Jungledream Basecamp” we will go trekking to a big magical cave where 2 days of teaching will be held. There we will stay overnight. Before going back to the “Basecamp” we will see some other impressive caves.

Waterproof sandals are recommended because of the river crossings. Around the “Jungledream Basecamp” there is a big chance of seeing wild orangutans, horn bills, Makakes, Monitor-Lizzards and Thomas-Leaf-monkeys. Of course they are wild animals, so nobody can give a timetable or a guarantee…

After the course we’ll bring you to Bukit Lawang, where you go on a 2-day-jungletrek with Bobby:

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