Whenever we came to a real jungle we felt the enormous energy coming out of this extraordinary accumulation of life. Its nearly impossible not to be connected with this power. The sounds, smells, touchings and views of nature give a strong inspiration and motivation to do Yoga. You really fall in love with the jungle. You become one with life. You feel the beauty of life. The motivation is growing to express this beauty with your own body – like a dance.


As in every love affair nobody want to loose its beloved partner… and this leads to the sad part of the story: Tropical rain forests are still destroyed at a dramatic speed on our planet! And one of the oldest (a result of millions of years of evolution) and most precious and diverse is the remaining rain forest in Sumatra (Indonesia). This is one of the remaining crown jewels of rain forest on our planet.

So our idea was born: Let us celebrate the beauty of this place. Let´s have a collective love affair with nature. Let´s feel yoga (union) and love with nature and life. Let´s help preserving these jewels for future generations!

Hari Om

Shanti Om